Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sushi Queens go to Sushi King


I had lunch with my daughter at Sushi King in Leisure Mall today. My daughter loves the Maki kind of sushi, rice wrapped in seaweed, like the ones I usually make for her. These cost RM2 a plate but she was disappointed to find there were none on the conveyor belt, only the other kinds costing RM3 or more. We chose a few plates of interesting-looking sushi but after eating a few pieces she just sat there and watched the sushi go by, not finding anything that she liked.

Then I decided to do what moms would usually do for the sake of their children...become kiasu and lodge a complaint. After a few minutes, my daughter got her Maki...specially prepared for her...and because the chef made a little extra, he put it on the conveyor belt and all the plates of Maki were gone in a blink of an eye! The other children in the restaurant were evidently waiting for them too.

Got some ideas on how to make my sushi more presentable...will try it out the next time I make sushi.

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