Friday, August 29, 2008

Stuck on Magnets

I have a very common hobby of collecting fridge magnets and my collection just sort of grew over the years. Whenever my in-laws or friends go on holiday, they would usually bring back one for me, as would my hubby when he goes out of town for seminars. Guests have always commented on my very colourful fridge and have enjoyed spending time in front of my fridge scrutinizing them and laughing at the funny or cute ones. For me, looking at them bring back fond memories, whether of a person, a place or the time when my children were little...pretty much like looking at photos.
the side of my fridge

The other day I came across this magnet at a makeshift stall selling handicraft and I thought it was quite appropriate since we have guests over for dinner once in a while.


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ksteeng1122 said...

Hi, nice to meet u here! I have a same hobby like u. I also like to collect magnet when I go travel.