Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Homemade Sushi

My daughter, Miss PreTeen, has taken a strong liking to sushi. Once in a while we would take her to the Japanese restaurant to have her dose of sushi, our favourite being Sakae Sushi at The Curve, but usually we just end up at Sushi King which is nearer our home. Japanese food can be rather costly so I thought I would learn how to make sushi instead. When I told my friend Nini about it, she said that I should put on my blog the step by step instructions for homemade sushi. I'm sure she makes much better sushi than me but here is my own simple recipe:

Things you would need (all available at Jusco supermarket):

Calrose rice, bamboo rolling mat, large pieces of dried seaweed, Japanese vinegar, sugar and salt.


Boil the rice: 1 cup of rice + 2 cups of water

Mix into the rice after it is cooked:
1 tablespoon vinegar + ¾ tablespoon sugar + ½ teaspoon salt


Ingredients for the filling: Japanese cucumber, crabsticks, caviar, egg omelette (you can add any ingredient you wish)


1) Place 1 slice of seaweed on the bamboo mat.
2) Scoop some rice onto the seaweed, flatten with a spatula.
3) Place filling onto the rice.
4) Roll up into a log shape using the bamboo mat.
5) Cut into small bite-size pieces with a sharp wet knife.

Bon appetit!


杨 霓 said...

Your one not bad o.Mine one (first time do)very urgly, the shape!

Thanks for sharing.

Sunny-Cookie said...

Nini, my first try also not succesful...this is after many many tries!