Thursday, August 14, 2008 gone!

It is amazing how quickly the kids learn the operation of the DVD, yet are unable to understand the vacuum cleaner ~ Etienne Marchal

My trusty 13 year old vacuum cleaner finally came to the end of its useful life with a dramatic tripping of the ELCB (translation - caused power failure in our house). So I had a break from vacuuming for a while until I got a replacement. I looked around but couldn't find one that was suitable - I wanted one that would take up as little space as possible in the store room, powerful but bagless and does not use water or steam to clean, and of course it must be within my budget of below RM500...ok, I'm quite fussy about my cleaning gadgets as well as the amount of money I spend on them!

Anyway, my hubby and I finally found one which fit all the critetria above...much to my a SenQ outlet.

Hubby was the first to try out our new 'toy', vacuuming our bedroom floor, curtains and everything else he could lay his hands on. The amount of dirt was quite shocking as our bedroom is not very big...I suppose due to old age my previous vacuum cleaner was not efficient at all.
Photobucket if only I could get the kids to view the vacuum cleaner as a toy, then maybe they would have a go at cleaning their own rooms....wishful thinking....

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