Sunday, June 14, 2009

Camerons Getaway Day 3


Had a quick breakfast in the apartment and then did some cleaning up. PreTeen and CoolTeen helped with the vacuuming...if only they did that at home! Washed the bedsheets, pillow cases and floor mats, then popped them into the dryer and went sight-seeing.

Camerons isn't as cold as I remember it to be. In fact I had to slather on lots of sunblock to keep from getting sunburnt!

There's also lots of traffic and it wasn't much fun getting caught in a jam (dad-in-law made a joke about jams - the traffic kind and the strawberry kind!)

By the time we came back to the apartment, the sheets were all nicely dried. We tidied up while hubby struggled to stuff everything into our tiny car boot. Had a light lunch and left for home using the old winding route. Saw wild durian trees with lots of durians hanging from the branches :D

Stopped by hubby's aunt's place to return her apartment keys. She lives near Zoo Negara and told us hilarious tales of how the flamingoes drop by the fishpond in her garden for free lunch, and how snakes and frogs love to snuggle up in her children's shoes!

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