Thursday, June 18, 2009

Interesting Sights

I know I should have posted this earlier but it has been a busy week and there was power failure for a total of 13 hours (!) yesterday due to some faulty underground cable...and only affecting the houses on my street. TNB had to dig up part of one of the roads nearby to repair the cable. Glad that power supply has been kids can't imagine what life was like back in the old days when there was no electricity supply!

Would like to share some rather interesting sights in Cameron Highlands...

This poster was in the T-Cafe where we had lunch. The reflection of the sunlight on the glass makes it rather difficult to read so here it is, retyped:

'Heavenly Father, look down on us your humble, obedient tourist servants, who are doomed to travel this earth, taking photographs, mailing postcards, buying souvenirs and walking around in drip-dry underwear.'
'Give us this day divine guidance in the selection of our hotels, that we may find our reservations honoured, our rooms made up and hot water running from the faucets.'
'We pray that the telephones work, and the operators can speak our tongue.'
'Lead us, dear Lord, to good, inexpensive restaurants where the food is superb, the waiters friendly and the wine included in the price. Give us the wisdom to tip correctly in currencies we do not understand. Forgive us for undertipping out of ignorance and overtipping out of fear.
May the locals love us for what we are and not for what we can contribute to their worldly goods.'
'Grant us the strength to visit the museums and the parks, the government buildings and all the 'musts' in the guidebooks.'
'And if perchance we skip a historic monument to grab a sleep after lunch, have mercy on us, for our flesh is weak.'
'Dear God, keep our wives from shopping sprees and protect them from 'bargains' they don't need or can't afford. Lead them not into temptation for they know not what they do!'
'Almighty Father, keep our husbands from looking at foreign women and comparing them to us. Save them from making fools of themselves in cafes and nightclubs. Above all do not forgive them for their trespasses for they know exactly what they do.'
If this is Jalan Pecah Batu...
Then this must be 'Jalan Pecah Kepala'...right next to the golf course!
Seen in the toilet in a restaurant. Heard of garbage enzyme, right? How about garbage air refreshener?

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