Friday, June 19, 2009

Look Out Point Western Food

My brother told me about this place up on a hill where there are 4 restaurants and the view of Kuala Lumpur city is breath-taking. So last Saturday we brought my mum-in-law there to celebrate her birthday.

Hubby looked it up on the internet, got the address and used his GPS to get us there. We took the Cheras Batu 9 way, turning into the road that goes to Hulu Langat. We turned off after the traffic lights at Pekan Batu 14, going up the winding road. It had rained in the evening about an hour before we went, so there was mist as we travelled up the hill...reminded us very much of Genting Highlands

There is a small carpark at the bottom of the steep road that leads up to the restaurants. The view of KL from the top of the hill is really magnificent. We reached there about 7.20 pm and the Look Out Point Western Food restaurant was already full so we had to wait for a while. To kill time, we went around taking photos.


After about half an hour we managed to get a table. The service was quite efficient and our food and drinks arrived not too long after we ordered, although the restaurant manager did apologize for some orders that took a while longer to prepare as the place was really packed to the brim while the other restaurants didn't have as many customers.

The air is really cool, so there wasn't any need for fans although there are ceiling fans. This is definitely one place that we are going to add to our list of favourite restaurants!

The prices are quite reasonable...around RM 15 to RM 20 on the average for the chicken chop, lamb chop, steaks, fish and pasta. The fruit juices and ice blended drink are around RM 7.

CoolTeen's lamb chops with mushroom sauce

I had grilled fish

Ice blended dragonfruit juice

Miss PreTeen, our 'fish and chips expert' said that hers was the most tasty fish and chips she has ever eaten!

The steamboat restaurant next door, which we will try the next time we come up here.


Phoebeeeee said...

ooohhh...must go there someday! :)

杨 霓 said...

I have went there before, but feel that the price is quite high already compare to my friend said is "worth" it.

Sunny-Cookie said...

Even if you don't eat there it is still a nice place to go for some cool air and great view of the city :)