Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Judged A Book By Its Cover

When I was in Cameron Highlands, I had bought a few cactus plants to replace those that I had on my kitchen window sill which were dying (remember I mentioned that I have a black thumb?!). After choosing 6 little pots of different kinds of cactus, I left them on the payment counter while I went around the shop to look at other things.

By the time I returned to the counter the cashier had already wrapped up my plants with newspaper. There were two sets of plants, mine and someone else's and I recognised my plants because it was put together with the pot of rosemary that I had chosen as well.

When I reached home, I took out all the cactus from the newspaper wrapping to find that the cashier had mixed up my plants! 3 of them were the ones I chose, and the other 3 were not! These were from the same variety of cactus...which I thought were kind of of them even had 2 extra parts extending from the main plant like 2 ears.

Well, I couldn't return them (unless hubby was willing to drive 4 hours back up to Camerons again!) I arranged them on a less conspicuous spot in my behind my water filter.

After a few days, the 2 ears turned into 2 flower buds and I was quite excited to see the flowers open a little during the daytime and closing again at night.

Every day the flowers would open a little more.

Now this cactus is the prettiest of all my cactus plants.

The thing that I once thought was ugly has become something beautiful, and each day I look forward to seeing the flowers bloom. This reminds me of how God can take our life, no matter how difficult our circumstances can be, and turn it into something beautiful, something good.

Like the old saying goes, "Don't judge a book by its cover"...

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