Saturday, June 6, 2009

Garbage Enzyme Cleans Really Well


My first batch of garbage enzyme is finally ready after 3 months of fermentation. I was all eager to use it and see whether it is really as effective as what people tell me.

The first thing on my to-do list was to mop the floor. The result was really beyond what I had floor became sqeaky clean...really, no kidding! I was also amazed at how fast it dried compared to commercially produced floor cleaners.

Next, I cleaned the bathrooms. Soap residue on the tiles and shower screen came off easily. I poured some into the toilet bowl and it was as if I used bleach...the dirt just melted away without much brushing with the toilet brush. My mirrors became sparkling clean.

Man, this was too good to be I went on a cleaning spree. The next thing on my list was to see whether it would clean the grease from the little plastic container that collects oil from the cooker hood. This would be the ultimate test, and I was really pleased with the results. It's just as effective as the Eco-Pro Oil Removal product that I used a few weeks ago, only much much cheaper!

the grease in the plastic container

a few drops of enzyme liquid and a quick wipe with some tissues

tada! clean like new!

I must say that I'm really pleased with the cleaning power of the garbage enzyme. It only cost me less than RM1 to make a liter of it...just the price of the brown sugar. The other ingredients didn't cost anything - the fruit peel and water.

But I found out the hard way that I really must dilute it before use... because without proper dilution the skin on my hand started to dry out and peel!

Dilution: 1 teaspoon of garbage enzyme to 500 ml of water for general cleaning purposes.

Can't wait to mix another batch!(smiles)


杨 霓 said...

Ya!! garbage enzyme really amazing!!
Let's save the world!!

Sunny-Cookie said...

yes, save the world and save need to buy so much cleaning products!