Monday, October 12, 2009

How To Make Fruit Enzyme Drink

Quite a number of my friends have asked me how to make the fruit enzyme drink and even though I explain it to them step by step, some of them still find it difficult to visualize what I tell them, and there are not many videos on YouTube which demonstrates how to make this enzyme I thought I would put up some photos with a step by step explanation of the process.

What you would need:

pineapple (or any other fruit)
brown rock sugar
a dry,clean jar


1) Wash lemons and pat dry. Remove the lemon skin and as much of the white part as possible (leave the skin on if you like a tangy, bitter taste to the enzyme drink). Slice and remove the seeds.

2) Wash pineapple, pat dry and remove skin. Slice into bite-size pieces (not shown in the photos, but it shouldn't be too difficult)


3) Arrange the pineapple pieces at the bottom of the bottle.

4) Add the lemon slices in a thin layer.

5) Add 1 or 2 pieces of rock sugar (1 piece if large, 2 pieces if smaller)


6) Repeat the process - one layer of pineapple, followed by a thin layer of lemon slices, then 1 or 2 pieces of rock sugar.

7) Repeat the layering process until the whole bottle is filled to the brim.

8) Close the cover, making sure that it is airtight, and label the bottle 3 weeks from the day you make the enzyme...that will be the date when you can open your bottle and enjoy your enzyme fruit drink.

9) Keep the bottle in a cool dry place for 3 weeks.

Things to note:

1) Your hands must be absolutely dry when handling the fruits. After washing, pat dry the fruits with paper towels...or they will turn mouldy during the fermentation process.

2) Tip the bottle every 2-3 days to make sure all the fruits are moist during the 3-week fermentation process.

10) After 3 weeks, open the bottle, strain the liquid and store your enzyme drink in the fridge. It tastes better when chilled.

11) Drink 30ml a day. Dilute with a little water if the drink is too sweet. By the way, this drink is an alcoholic beverage...don't drink too much!



Phoebeeeee said...

Cool thanks! I was just thinking of what to do with those empty jars from the spaghetti sauce...hehe...any other fruits we can use?

Sunny-Cookie said...

you can use any fruits...apples, dragonfruit, kiwifruit,etc...even ginger!

Phoebeeeee said...

cool! will try with apples and oranges first :)

Anonymous said...

Y do we need to remove de lemon seeds???

Sunny-Cookie said...

The seeds somehow affect the taste of the drink

hussein said...

hye sunny
may i use red apple,green apple,lemon,and pinnalpe and use powder brown sugar thnks for your advise i will apply your reply

Sunny-Cookie said...

Hi Hussein,

Welcome to my blog :)
Yes, a mixture of apples and pineapples will taste quite nice but I haven't tried using powder sugar. I found some info on the internet, you can search for it by typing 'using powder brown sugar for fruit enzyme drink'

Anonymous said...

hi sunny, I wonder what can i replace with pineapples because it is difficult to get pineapples here.
I have only lemons + oranges + apples +pear

what kind of combination is good? Can u suggest? Thanks!


Sunny-Cookie said...

Hi Jo,

apples + lemons , pears + lemons will taste delicious. I find that oranges + lemons is not a very tasty combination.

Anonymous said...

you dont add water at the last step?

Sunny-Cookie said...

Nope, there's no need to add water.

Anonymous said...

Can you also use raw honey

Sunny-Cookie said...

I have not tried using raw honey but I read on the internet that you could add it in as the last layer before you close the bottle.

Anonymous said...

Any idea why my enzyme tastes bitter.tks

Sunny-Cookie said...

If you are using citrus fruits, be sure to remove the skin entirely and as much of the white part below the skin as possible to eliminate the bitter taste.