Monday, October 19, 2009

Not So Simple After All

A friend's sister in Indonesia makes cupcakes with lovely decorations ( and since I have the recipe for fondant, I thought I would try making little figurines to put on my cupcakes. I thought that it would just be like playing with how difficult would that be?

Turns out that it's not so simple after all...

PreTeen and I played with the fondant, having fun making all kinds of shapes. I tried making a tiny teddy bear. I had watched it on YouTube and it seemed quite simple.

In the end my bear became a pig...! PreTeen tried making a little cupboard but turned it into a bed instead. At least I managed to make a flower...and we ate up the rest of the pieces that didn't turn out so well!


Looks like I should just stick to simple cupcake frosting, haha!


YuinTing Chin said...

That's cute. Good try :-)

shi-ern said...

Oooo.... I wanted to try making fondant too but I haven't got the time yet. :/

Sunny-Cookie said...

YuinTing, thanks!

Vania, the recipe is simple but making the figurines is rather time consuming.