Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little Kids On Stage

Our church celebrated her 21st anniversary on Sunday, and according to tradition, we always have a presentation on stage. When I first mentioned to hubby my plans to put the little children aged 2 - 5 from the Nursery Class on stage, he gave me that "Are you sure?" kind of look because it was less than a month away from the day of the church anniversary.

But after only 3 practices we were really glad that they were able to remember the actions and lyrics to the Sunday School song "Who Is The King Of The Jungle".

Watch and enjoy...really adorable.

I have a better quality version of this video but I just couldn't upload it to YouTube, so I had to downsize the file drastically :(


ckchan7 said...

ckchan7 Likes this video.

Sunny-Cookie said...

Wah, facebook style...haha