Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LookOut Point On Lowland

CoolTeen had a replacement drums class on Sunday after dinner, so after we dropped him off at the music school, the 3 of us (hubby, PreTeen and I) decided to have some dessert while we wait for him.

We thought we would try the Island Red Cafe at Mahkota Cheras but after we parked and had a look at the menu we realised that they don't serve any kind of dessert at all...just main meals and drinks. So we went over to the newly-opened LookOut Point next door.

They have some ice-cream on the menu so I had 3 scoops of mint ice-cream while hubby and PreTeen shared a banana split. The banana split looked rather strange but PreTeen didn't have any complains about the taste. My mint ice-cream was good and I finished it all before remembering to take a photo of it!

lookout view
We have been to the LookOut Point up on the hilltop and love that place for its cool air and lovely view of the city.

Here's the view from the outlet in Mahkota Cheras...

Highway view...

And a strange sign in the toilet... shouldn't toilet paper go into the toilet bowl after we wipe ourselves?


serm said...

In taiwan, ppl really dont throw into the toilet bowl 1 lor..At 1st i was also wondering how come so many toilet papers in the rubbish bin..

Sunny-Cookie said...

Hmm...a Taiwan-style toilet in a Western food restaurant...confusing!