Sunday, September 27, 2009

About Dogs and Cats


A very closely related blogger, mikokim, had a very enlightening article 'Dog and Cat' on his blog recently. It has been a rather stressful few years dealing with the teenage angst of CoolTeen and keeping a blog has been a great way to de-stress. After reading the article I finally realised why I seem to be banging my forehead against the wall or tearing out my hair in frustration every so often...I have not realised that my once adorable 'little puppy' has turned into an 'old cat' and I have been treating the 'old cat' like a 'dog' I finally get the picture...a real flashbulb moment for me! You must read the article to know what I'm talking about!


Now I can start behaving like a cat owner instead...what a relief to finally know what to do and what to expect! I am no longer clueless!

The next thing I'm dreading is that I already have a 'little kitten' (one who always had a mind of her own) who's on the verge of entering her teenage years sooner than I had hoped...will she turn into an 'old cat' too like her older sibling, or (fingers crossed!) into a 'dog'? I don't know how I'm going to handle having 2 'old cats' around the house!

Right now my 'old cat' is sulking in his room because he didn't have his way.

Being a parent is really not an easy task...sigh...but it's not without its rewards! At least it's heartening to know that if I treat the 'old cat' right, he will one day turn back into a loyal 'dog'.

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