Monday, September 7, 2009

Using Phone While Driving

Have you ever driven behind a car whose driver is holding his handphone to his ear while driving and he's either going very slow or hogging the middle of the road, and driving you nuts because he's paying more attention to his caller than to his driving? I have, almost every day...and I can't understand why people always assume that a phone call is always more important than other motorists on the road. A phone call can be returned but a life can't, true?

Worse still is texting while driving...take a look at this video of a girl who thinks that it is cool to do so. Dr. Phil (has his own talk show in the US, and is known for being honest and frank) really put things into perspective at the end of the video.

For those of us who own a handphone and drive a car, here is a VERY graphic video produced by the Gwent Police Department in Britain which will make us think twice when that phone rings while we are driving (video not recommended for kids).


YuinTing Chin said...

After watching the movie clip, my hubby said he's going to quit the bad habit of texting while driving. (I used to complain about it but now seeing is believing)

Sunny-Cookie said...

that's great! better safe than sorry ;)