Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Got Us Some 'Crocs'

Miss PreTeen loves to have thosai for breakfast at her favourite Mamak shop and we have been going out for breakfast for the past 3 days before school started again. On Sunday morning after breakfast we went to the roadside market to buy some pork ribs. Miss PreTeen saw a stall selling colourful Crocs sandals, and being a loyal fan of imitation Crocs (I don't buy her the original ones because her feet grow so quickly!), she wanted to have a look at them.

There was a small crowd at the stall and I heard people asking whether those were original Crocs sandals as they had the words CROCS on them and each pair came with a genuine-looking tag. The seller insisted that they were original but he was selling them cheap at RM30 a pair, 2 pairs for RM55...hmm, makes me wonder whether he's being truthful.

Miss PreTeen said that her pair of Crocs were getting a wee bit tight...hint,hint! Hubby tried on a few pairs, PreTeen tried on a few pairs...I tried on 1 pair and decided that they make my feet look like Donald Duck's. I like my footwear to fit snugly and I really hate for my feet to slide around in my shoes/slippers. Hubby decided to get a pair for himself and since it was cheaper to buy 2 pairs, Miss PreTeen got a new pair too...much to her delight!

hubby wanted brown ones, but they didn't have them in his size, so he settled for a gray pair

PreTeen's new pair of Crocs

When we reached home, I asked Miss PreTeen what she was going to do with her old, dirty but still wearable pair of Crocs...and she decided to let me have them.


Hubby cleaned them up with...of all things...dashboard cleaner, and they were a good as new.


So now I have a pair of clean pink imitation Crocs...minus all the little decorative pieces, of course! I still haven't worn them yet though...but people tell me they are really comfortable...

P.S. Besides going around looking at imitation Crocs, my latest hobby is selling handmade semi-precious stone jewelry. Do drop by my blog store to have a look :) http://trinket-boxjewelry.blogspot.com/


v a n i a said...

You don't have to buy that Donald Duck-like design ma.... :P

Crocs have some really nice flats! :D

Hmm... you're wearing Stefanie's old crocs.. does that mean her feet is bigger than yours? XD

Sunny-Cookie said...

Pasar ma...only got selected designs. Ya, giant feet...she's wearing size 6, I wear size 5!

v a n i a said...

Hmm... why ah? I think my feet is bigger than my mum's too! :P

YuinTing Chin said...

Pre-Teen's new pair of crocs look very trendy :-)

Sunny-Cookie said...


My feet are bigger than my mum's, Stef's feet are bigger than mine, so does this mean my great-great-great grandchildren will have gigantic feet? haha...


Yes, she likes them very much and is trying very hard to keep them clean! :D