Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm Not So Brave

I have always thought of myself as brave. Whenever there's a lizard or cockroach in the house and my kids are on the sofa with their feet up, they can always rely on mom to get rid of the pest. I have gone through labour twice without any painkillers, I have changed the smelliest diapers that would make anyone throw up their lunch or dinner, and guess who hubby calls out to when he discovers a half-eaten rat on the porch courtesy of the neighbourhood cat? But I must admit, the only thing that scares me is being on a roller-coaster ride...that is until my kids start to drive!

Went to Nando's with my lunch buddy MK and her little daughter last Thursday. I seldom go to Nando's because my kids don't enjoy the food there...they find it rather spicy, even the mildest flavour. For a meal of chicken they would rather go to Kenny Rodger's.

I decided to not to try anything too spicy and guess what I was labelled for not being very adventurous with my choice of chicken...

DSC02038 ouch!

The meal was good and I enjoyed my grilled vegetables and salad. I wanted some warm water but they only served room temperature mineral water...minus points for that!


Perhaps I would be 'a little braver' the next time I eat at Nando's...or maybe I would just set my mouth on fire with the extra hot Peri-Peri...just maybe... (trying to soothe my bruised ego)


ckchan7 said...

dun wory...they have the peri aid... = mineral water..

Sunny-Cookie said...

ya, quite expensive too!