Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Batch Of Garbage Enzyme

My second batch of garbage enzyme was ready a few days ago. The first time was a trial and I made only litre. I was so impressed by the cleaning power of this enzyme that I made 2 litres this time (I only have 1 litre containers).

I made 2 types, one with vegetables and a little lemon peel, and the other with just fruit peel...pineapple and lemon. I tried using only vegetable odds and ends at first but it ended up producing so much gas that I had to open the bottle every few hours to release the gas so that my plastic container wouldn't explode! In the end I just poured it away.

after 3 months of fermentation the liquid should be brown and have a light pleasant fragrance

strain it with a sieve

...or use a thin piece of cloth

label the bottles so that nobody accidentally drinks them!

my precious bottles of cleaning enzyme :)


Sarah Navita said...

My mum also uses this...and its super clean..it can even remove paint!!

Sunny-Cookie said...

Really?! I'll remember that when I paint my grills :)