Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sibling Rivalry



My kids have this sibling rivalry thing going on and it drives me up the wall when they start calling each other names. I always seem to be reminding them to be nice to each other. At times they are like the best of friends and other times they act like worst enemies.

I know I wasn't the nicest sister to my 2 brothers, but we grew up and now we get along fine...but of course, it's hard not to resist a little friendly teasing now and then. So I suppose sibling rivalry never really ends, does it...? :D


YuinTing Chin said...

Mine too!

And worst still, with an odd number of 3 kids, sometimes they even play politics ... one of them will side the other sibling to form a "stronger group" (usually the eldest 2).

I think they're jealous with the way I treat the youngest one. They said sometimes I am "still smiling" when I'm scolding my youngest girl and I never punish her. JEALOUSY CREATES RIVALRY!

Sunny-Cookie said...

It's tough being a mum, ya. Glad I only have 2 kids!