Monday, October 26, 2009

Two From Galilee Musical


Went as a family to watch a musical Two From Galilee performed by the Canticle Singers at the Panggung Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur on Saturday night. Below is a short sypnosis:

TWO FROM GALILEE revolves around a young couple who are very much in love. Ensnared in family conflicts, a hostile world and by an awesome responsibility, they fight for their one true love and to fulfill their dreams. But trust is shaken and love questioned, revealing a family's shame and a husband's doubt until the couple realizes that it is not all about finding true love but about life's purpose and calling. The musical encompasses dramatic and comic elements and is backed by a lush musical score journeying through a variety of moods and emotions with rhythmic numbers, rousing choruses, contemplative themes and soaring refrains. The musical features a cast of 25 performers.

Basically, it's an interpretation of the love story of Mary and Joseph from the time of their courtship to the birth of baby Jesus. Miss PreTeen was quite astonished that the lead female singer could hit such very high notes. CoolTeen didn't say very much but at least he didn't fall asleep halfway through the performance! It was quite enjoyable with a little humour thrown in here and there. Most of the dialogue is sung rather than spoken and the singers did a wonderful job with their good voices and diction. Those who like opera would enjoy this play. Personally, I prefer a more contemporary style of music.

I have been to the Panggung Bandaraya only once before to watch a play. That was ages ago, before I was married. Now the place looks much better after some renovation works.

The entrance of the Panggung Bandaraya viewed from my car

The foyer

Inside the theatre

The ceiling with elaborate designs

Those who are interested can still catch the performance...


Evening Performances - 8.30pm on Fri 30/10, Sat 31/10/2009 & Sun 1/11/2009

Matinee Performances - 3.00pm on Sat 31/10/2009


RM58 and RM38 (inclusive of RM3 AXCESS fee) via the AXCESS HotlineTel. +60-3-7711-5000, and authorised AXCESS outlets

Net proceeds of the production after deducting production costs and overheads go towards St Barnabas Home for Children in Klang and The Tondo Community Project in the Philippines.

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