Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Week Of School

I have survived one whole week of school!

School may be stressful for kids but it's also stressful for us stay-at-home moms as we juggle our timetable around to fetch our kids and accomodate all their extra activities...tuition, co-curriculum activities, music classes, etc, etc...not to mention slotting in our own activities (yes we have a life too, other than being driver and maid...haha).

Traffic was chaotic for the first few days of school as the moms of the Standard One kids accompanied their child to school. Not having an understanding of the traffic system around the school, cars were parked everywhere and cars headed for the school gate from all possible directions blocking cars heading out of the school area...resulting in traffic coming to a halt for at least 15-20 minutes. I was annoyed to find that my favourite parking spot (where I park when I fetch my daughter after school) had been taken and I had to park quite a distance from the school.

Traffic was no better at CoolTeen's school, and it was a bumper to bumper crawl to the school gate before and after school.

After the 3rd day, there was finally some order to the traffic flow and after one week of school I have drawn up a neat little routine. This year both my kids finish school at almost the same time I fetch PreTeen first, then rush off to CoolTeen's school. Thankfully their schools are nearby, just 5-10 minutes away.

Tomorrow is a new week. CoolTeen has transferred to a new school and finally looks forward to going to school.

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