Saturday, January 9, 2010

Places To Eat

Went to Cameron Highlands a few days before the new year with my family, sis-in-law and parents-in-law. Yup, we seem to go there quite's one of my mum-in-law's favourite places as she loves cool weather.

We stopped by Bidor for lunch on the way up. My dad-in-law and I were looking for duck noodles. The last time we came to Bidor, we ate at the famous Pun Chun restaurant, but we found better tasting duck mee at this corner shop at the same row as Pun Chun.

At Camerons, my brother-in-law recommended that we try this restaurant in Brinchang called JEW MAY YEW where there's steamboat dinner at a reasonable price. The steamboat was ok, lots of vegetables and fishballs but small portions of meat...but the dish that made it all worthwhile was their fishhead curry. Generous portions of fish and vegetables...just plain delicious and I think from now on I will eat it every time I go to Camerons!

My dad-in-law's sister also told us about this little restaurant located at the Brinchang wet market which is famous for all kinds of pau and their specialty is Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun...very popular with the locals. Need to reach there before 9am as tables are few.

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