Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Relaxing In PD

Had a short break in Port Dickson over the weekend. Hubby was there to attend meetings with the uni students and I was helping out in the 'food and beverage department'. But still, I had quite a lot of free time with the kids.

Picked up the kids from school on Friday, had a quick lunch and left KL.

Had a swim in the evening on the first day. Applied lots of sunblock...I already have enough freckles, don't fancy having more!

The next day after breakfast, took the kids to PD town for a bit of shopping. The kids agreed that they would not survive living in a small town...being city kids and being used to large shopping malls. Managed to buy a few T-shirts for them.


CoolTeen's new T-shirt which he likes very much (and has been wearing for the past few days!)


Managed to take a few nice shots of the beach and sea.


My camera-shy kids.


I took a snapshot of my own shadow, you can see my toes at the bottom of the picture. That baggy T-shirt sure makes me look rather large!


Why can't we keep our beaches free from garbage?




杨 霓 said...

I also like Andrew's T-shirt.
Wow...is really relaxing!

Sunny-Cookie said...

Ya, need to have a holiday once in a while to relax!