Monday, May 25, 2009

Mom the Slave Driver

Being a home-maker (a better name for housewife) I have chosen the path of not relying on a household-help (a better word for maid). I enjoy my privacy and being alone at home all by myself when hubby has gone to work and the kids have gone to school. There's just a certain sense of peace and calm, and I could do just about anything - cook and clean, NOT cook and clean...or even sleep all day if I want (ok, that's wishful thinking!). Having another person around all the time would just be too stressful for me.

So to lighten my workload, I delegate chores to my kids. The rule of thumb in our home for the kids is that they are responsible for all that belong to them and the things they use. They put away their shoes when they come home, put their dirty clothes into the laundry basket, fold clothes after I wash and dry them, wash dishes, wash school shoes and the list goes on...and the chores increase each year. I can imagine them calling me 'mom-the-slave driver' behind my back!

Every Sunday, this is the view that greets whoever that comes to visit us...all the kids' school shoes - washed and lined up on the outside ledge of our house. They don't seem too clean but I can't complain too much... after all, it's free labour!

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