Friday, May 8, 2009

Using The Cyber Clean

Bought this from a computer shop last week but haven't tried it out until 2 days ago. Not too expensive, just RM15 for the small one and RM23 for the bigger one.

It's bright yellow, looks like a piece of gooey sponge, has a lovely lemon smell and cleans anything with buttons or in keyboard or keypad. It is also supposed to disinfect. According to the instructions, the colour will darken as it gets dirty and there's a colour chart to compare the colours. Colour no. 1 means there's maximum cleaning capacity. Colour no. 2 mean it's still ok for use and colour no. 3 means it's time to replace the little sponge.

Tried it out on my very dusty computer keyboard. There's no need to wipe, just dab it on the surfaces that need cleaning. Hmm...maybe it's just my imagination, but my keyboard feels really clean! Tried it out on my house phone and the keypad of my handphone too. Am now looking for other stuff to clean. The only problem is that it says: Use with dry hands and I've got sweaty hands...

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