Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

A lot of things happened yesterday so this is going to be a looong on if you must...

Celebrated Mother's Day yesterday with my mum and in church. We (dad, mum, brothers, sis-in-law, nephews and family friend) had lunch at the Dragon Hut restaurant beside the Desa Waterpark. I don't see my older brother and his family very often, so special occasions are a good time to catch up with each other. Hubby says we'll be taking his mom out for dinner on another weekend...hutang first!

After lunch we went to church to set up the laptop and test out the video clip we prepared as a special presentation for Mother's Day. We were going to interview a pair of cute 5 year old twins on stage during the church service and then show the video clip of some of the little kids in church talking about their mums...the things they said about their mums were quite hilarious.

Things didn't go as planned...

Just before the service began, one of the electrical fuses blew and one third of the church premise had no electricity supply...the one where the LCD projector is placed. So no lyrics could be shown, but our worship leader was quick to improvise (thank God for creativity!) and some people thought that we were just doing things differently since it was Mother's Day.

Right after the worship session, another fuse blew and the PA plus all the musical instruments had no power supply . We were using the electric piano, keyboard and electric guitar, and it was bad enough without the lyrics, but without the music as well (?!) God's timing is perfect, we had just finished singing the last song when the fuse blew. Our pastor had to preach without the microphone for about 10-15 mins before electricity was restored for the PA system. A few air conditioners had to be shut down to lessen the electrical load, but no one complained.

And the special presentation had to be postponed because:

no LCD projector = no video clip

It was a pity because the twins were both smartly dressed for the occasion. We'll have to wait till Father's Day in a few weeks' time.

The youths and young adults brought food for the dinner after the service, giving all the mums a break. Miss PreTeen guessed that there would be fast food, and she was right....KFC and pizza! The air conditioners were functioning in the hall where we had the dinner, so everyone was comfortable and it was an enjoyable time of having a meal together, despite things not going too well earlier.

I had some pretty cool gifts for Mother's Day. Miss PreTeen gave me a photo (of her and myself together) in home-made photo frame. Mr CoolTeen sent me a sweet Happy Mother's Day sms. The church gave all the moms prettily-wrapped shower gel and body lotion.

I remember when I was a teenager my aunty gave me a book (can't remember the title)...some sort of a journal where I had to write down goals and plans for the future. I remember writing down that I would get married at 24 (which I did) and that I would have 2 kids (which I have) God is good and I feel very blessed and honoured to be a MOM

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