Friday, May 15, 2009

Oops, Wrong Card!

Mr CoolTeen dropped his wallet last week. He lost his school ID card, a photocopy of his IC, his Touch n Go card and about RM2...which was ok since he didn't lose his actual identity card or a large amount of cash. But he had quite a large amount of cash uploaded to his Touch n Go card since he takes the LRT to and from school everyday...close to RM80.

touch n go
Hubby found the receipt with the card number printed on it and went to cancel the card to get back a refund. He had reminded me to exchange CoolTeen's card with the one in my car which had less amount of money, just in case CoolTeen lost his card...but I had been busy.

A few days ago when I used my SmartTag at the toll plaza, I almost rammed into the toll gate bar as I had expected it to rise after I beeped the SmartTag. It didn't rise, the words Kad Tidak Sah flashed on the screen, I had to reverse my car. The toll booth operator came to my rescue, checked my Touch n Go card and said that there was something wrong with it.

It doesn't take a genius to guess what had happened...

Hubby had cancelled the wrong card, although it wasn't his fault but mine!

I had actually switched the cards, but in the hustle and bustle of a busy week I had forgotten all about it. So the card in my car was CoolTeen's with the large amount of money, and CoolTeen was using my card...oops!!!

Hubby had to go buy another card for me...and he didn't complain (phew!) Thank God for a longsuffering spouse!

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