Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quirks Of Teenage Life

My son Mr CoolTeen hates to go shopping. He doesn't mind it that much if it is with his friends, but according to Teen Rule #81 it is a crime to be seen shopping with mum and dad (ok,ok, I made up that Teen Rule #81 bit...) Strange but true.

At first I was rather upset that he didn't want to be seen in public with me, but I have since learnt not to take it personally. Mr CoolTeen explained that if any of his friends ever see him buying stuff with his parents, word will spread and he would have nowhere to hide his face...and face is VERY important in TeenWorld.

So how do we go about buying his stuff? Hair gel and pimple cream is simple enough, but what about clothes and shoes?
I usually make a note of his clothes and shoe size. Sometimes I buy a T-shirt and CoolTeen doesn't like it, so we came up with an idea.
This is what hubby did when CoolTeen needed a new schoolbag after his fell apart from over-use:

1) Hubby goes to bag shop

2) Looks at some bags which might be suitable

3) Asks the salegirl if he could take some photos of the bags and send them to CoolTeen using MMS so that he could pick one

4) Salesgirl gives hubby a puzzled look, and goes to the back portion of the shop to ask her boss

5) Hubby quickly snaps some photos

6) CoolTeen makes his choice

7) Hubby buys the bag

8) Task completed

Ah, the wonders of modern technology....

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