Tuesday, July 1, 2008

‘Doing Nothing’ in Kuantan

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in. ~Robert Orben

In May, my hubby and I decided to take our children to Kuantan for a short holiday. When we told friends our plans, the first thing they said was, “Why Kuantan? There’s nothing much to do in Kuantan.” …which was precisely why we chose to go there. My husband had been very busy for the first few months of this year and all he wanted to do was just to go somewhere for a few days to ‘do nothing’ but relax. So Kuantan it was, near the seaside( because the children and I love swimming) and yet not too far away from town (we city folks find it difficult to live too far from shopping malls and fast food!)
De Rhu Beach Resort
We stayed at De Rhu Beach Resort about 15 minutes drive from Kuantan town, nothing fancy, but I’m not too fussy as long as the room (plus the bathroom) is clean and there is a swimming pool for the kids. A good holiday for us means less time in the hotel room and more time spent outdoors.
table tennis pro
It turned out that De Rhu had TWO swimming pools, so the kids were thrilled, and it was also beach-front, so we alternated between the pools and the sea…covered in a thick layer of sunblock, of course! And the kids flew a kite for the very first time because of the strong sea breeze, tried batik painting at the Batik Village beside De Rhu and visited the Turtle Sanctuary near Club Med Cherating.
batik painting
In the afternoons when it was too hot to swim, we went to Kuantan town in search of shopping complexes (to do window shopping as well as to escape the scorching heat). I discovered that the Chinese people here speak Cantonese…hurray! Because that is the only dialect that I can speak. The food here isn’t too bad but one thing we learnt was that lunch here starts at around 11.30 am and after 1 pm there isn’t much food left…quite unlike KL where we usually eat around 12.30 pm onwards.

For dinner we went to this place about 10 minutes from De Rhu called Pak Su Seafood Restaurant (sounds Malay but is a halal Chinese restaurant). We didn’t have to wait too long for the food, and a dinner of rice plus fish, mussels, chicken, beancurd and veggie was about RM90 (plus soft drinks) for the 4 of us. A friend also took us to this place for Western food called Crocodile Rock (a bungalow converted into a restaurant) on the way to Telok Chempedak. The prices were reasonable by KL standards because the portion of food was quite large…enjoyed the food there.

Came back to KL with our skin a few shades darker, but with a big smile on our faces. ‘Doing nothing’ meant not following our daily routine and tight schedule…’doing nothing’ had really been enjoyable because we had nothing planned out, for 3 ½ days we could do (or not do) whatever we wished…that is indeed a luxury for us!

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