Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where Is The Love?

pic from cuteredboi78

What is the world coming to? Yesterday I read in the newspapers of thieves stealing a donated van from a home for underprivileged children in Petaling Jaya. Nowadays robbers not only target the rich, but the poor as well. And I ask myself, “Isn’t there any goodness in a person’s heart anymore?”

The moment we set eyes on the newspapers, the headlines scream at us: Murder! Suicide! Robbery! Assault! War! Price Increase! Really depressing, don’t you think? News about kindness and generosity somehow just doesn’t generate much interest. Students are encouraged to improve their command of language by reading newspapers, but with all these kinds of news I’m not so sure it’s a good idea after all. If you want to give your children nightmares, no need for them to watch horror movies…just get them to watch the news on TV!

Today as I was driving I witnessed a scene that restored in me a little faith in humankind. A middle-aged Chinese man was riding his motorbike coming from the opposite direction when he went over a road bump and lost his balance. He wobbled for an instant, then both he and the bike crashed to the ground. It’s a good thing he was wearing his safety helmet. Before I could do anything, an Indian man just stopped his car in the middle of the road and rushed over to help. I suppose he figured that a person’s wellbeing is more important than a little inconvenience to the long queue of cars behind him. Seeing that the Chinese man was a little shaken but not injured, I drove off with a good feeling in my heart. Kindness and mercy do exist after all, not bound by prejudice. This is what I try to teach my children – that people are the same inside no matter what they look like on the outside; that it is good to have friends of all races….MUHIBBAH….I like that word.

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