Monday, July 14, 2008

Anything or Whatever?

When I was (very much) younger whenever my parents brought me to the coffeeshop, my dad would ask me:

Dad: What do you want to eat?

Me: Anything la (I was always a little undecided).

Dad: There’s no such food called ‘Anything’. You need to decide.

Well, Dad, although there isn’t food called ANYTHING, at least now there is a drink with that name. I saw the funny advertisement at 7 Eleven the other day, and they even have WHATEVER. So I decided to buy both of them because I am always game for something new and unusual.

See the advertisement here…go to the website and click MEDIA…very funny!

It's a Singaporean product. ‘Anything’ is a carbonated drink whereas ‘Whatever’ is non-carbonated…and you don’t know what flavour it is until you open the can and drink it…so beware!
I opened ‘Whatever’ first and it says on the can that it could be either of these flavours:
Ice lemon Tea
Apple Tea

Jasmine Green Tea
White Grape Tea
Peach Tea
Chrysanthemum Tea

I was hoping it wouldn’t be Peach tea (not my cup of tea…pun intended!) but guess what…it was!
Today I opened “Anything’ and it doesn’t say on the can what flavours are available, so it was SURPRISE! hmm…tasted strange…can’t quite figure out the flavour. I did some research and these are the flavours available:
Cola with Lemon
Fizz Up
Cloudy Lemon
Root Beer.

I think I’ll just stick to familiar drinks; RM1.80 is a bit too hard on the wallet for a surprise flavour, and hopefully it's not made using NEWater (eww)!

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