Thursday, September 25, 2008

At Last, No More Jam!

Several main stretches of roads leading from my place to Kuala Lumpur city centre have been undergoing roadworks and often times this has created traffic jams. I usually try not to go downtown unless I really need to, as I drive a manual-transmission car (my hubby has the privilege of driving the auto-gear car) and getting caught in a jam would mean an aching left leg.

However, I prefer driving our manual-gear car as it is larger than our little auto car and I get to zoom around getting the kids from one place to another in double-quick time! Overtaking? No sweat...heh heh!

Today as I was driving to town I was hoping that there would be no jam, and as I neared the part where road-widening works have been going on for the past 1 ½ years (!!) lo and behold...all 4 lanes were finally open and I reached my destination in no time at all, hurray!, I didn't snap the photo while daughter did.

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