Monday, September 22, 2008

Herb In My Garden

I was just about to send my daughter to school today when my neighbour called out to me. She pointed to a pot of weeds (or so I thought!) and asked if she could have some. She explained that those were actually herbs which were beneficial for the eyes and also for cooling the body. And to think that my hubby has been pulling them up and discarding them because he thought they were weeds...oops!

My neighbour couldn't remember the name of this plant and I tried to find out its name from the internet but so far I haven't been successful...there's just thousands of images of herbs and trying to match it is rather time consuming. Perhaps somebody would care to enlighten me?

On Saturday Miss PreTeen brought back a small spinach plant from her school trip to the StarFresh Agropark in Seremban where she discovered that goat excrement is used as fertiliser...not a very appetizing thought!

With the rising cost of meat and vegetables I have always joked about planting my own vegetables. At least I have some spinach to start if only I can keep them alive long enough since I am so terrible at gardening!


Jean said...

Do you understand Chinese? Its called 草胡椒. In Indonesia ,they collect and cook with sambal as dishes.

Jean said...
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Sunny-Cookie said...

Hi Jean,
Thanks for the name, but I don't read Chinese so I would have to get it translated.