Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Special Furry Friends

Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. ~George Eliot

A couple friend of mine who are in their forties have no children but they had a very beautiful white siamese cat. This cat was treated like their own child and was very affectionate. Everyday when they came home from work, before they could enter their home, the cat would be scratching the door from inside the house in excitement.

Yesterday I was told that their cat which they had for 8 years had died suddenly, probably of a heart attack (it was rather overweight). I could see the grief in their eyes as the husband recounted what had happened on that fateful day. Those who do not have pets or have not formed a special attachment to their pets would not understand their grief over their loss.

As I drove home, I felt so sorry for them. I remember the first puppy I had when I was thirteen. Out of the blue my dad had brought me to the SPCA to adopt a puppy. I chose a brown little mongrel which was full of enthusiasm, jumping up and down and licking everyone who came near him. I named him 'Asher', which means 'happy' (got it from the Bible). He was my pet and I trained him, fed him, played with him, bathed him, rubbed his tummy and spoke to him. We even watched TV together! Asher could sense my feelings... somehow he knew when I was sad or angry and he would snuggle close. He was kept in the house and at times would sleep outside the door of my room. This dog also had a mean temper and I have scars on my hands from being bitten, but I still loved him...he was MY dog. And I remember that I cried when Asher died.

pic from Endless Mountain Labradors

It's hard to explain how a human and an animal can become so attached to one another, but they do. And I understand how my friends feel, having lost more than just a pet. It's more like losing a very close friend...and losing a friend is hard.

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janice said...

Dogs are so special esp cause they love you so unconditionally...