Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sunbirds Feeding

Having sunbirds nesting in our garden not once but twice was really a fascinating experience. Not wanting to miss any part of the process, my hubby set up the videocam to record the daily goings-on at the nest.
We left the videocam running and when it reached the end of the tape, we would rewind and view before resuming recording.
The 2 baby sunbirds have hatched and the mommy sunbird feeds them regularly throughout the day.

This went on for about 2 weeks and the babies were getting quite big. I knew they were going to learn to fly soon...but one day, I realised that there was no sign of activity at the nest. I had somehow missed the flying lessons (again!) and the sunbird family had flown away! Noooooo!!! I was really upset that I had missed it all because I had been observing them quite closely. They must have flown away early one morning before I woke up (me being a late riser!)...how sad.

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