Thursday, September 4, 2008

Where Did I Park My Car?

When I was younger, my mom and I would go shopping and I remember one time we went to Sungei Wang Plaza and parked in the basement carpark. After our shopping spree we just couldn't remember where our car was parked and we spent half an hour walking up and down trying to locate the car...that was before carkeys came with a handheld remote control (shows how old I am!). From that day onwards I always memorized the parking lot level and number...and now I teach my children to do the same (not that they can drive yet!), just to improve their memory skills.


My hubby showed me a really easy way to help us remember where we've parked our car - almost every mobile phone has a built-in camera, right? Well, put it to good use...take a snapshot of the number on the pillar near where the car is parked...and of course, remember to save it. When returning to your car, just take a look at the more scratching our heads and walking around the carpark while pressing the car alarm button on the remote control...

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