Thursday, October 23, 2008

1 Bag Not Enough

I bought myself a reusable bag from Jusco for my groceries. With every RM50 purchase I would get a sticker in my redemption card (comes with the bag). After I have collected 10 stickers I would be able to redeem some free stuff. Usually I would go grocery shopping once a month armed with a long list. Today I went to the supermarket and when I was about to go to the cashier, I realised that I had left my reusable bag in the car....and my car was parked quite far from the supermarket. I had about RM300 worth of groceries in my trolley...that would mean 6 stickers. I left my trolley near the toilet rolls section and trudged back to the car...getting some much needed exercise after missing line dance class on Monday!

At the check-out counter the cashier asked if she should put everything into the bag. Now that would be quite a feat because my trolley was full to the brim with groceries! In the end this is how it turned out...


One reusable bag, many plastic bags...not exactly very eco-friendly, right?

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Phoebeeeee said...

But Jusco plastic bags degrade very it's not that bad...? =)