Thursday, October 9, 2008

Flies & Ice-Cream

There’s a McDonald’s within walking distance from my house and the majority of the crew there are Malays. During the Hari Raya break last week, the Malays had gone back to their hometown to celebrate with their families, so this McD’s had hired some temporary crew of Chinese students to keep the place going.

We were at the Drive Thru last week and ordered our favourite choco-top sundaes…vanilla ice cream served in a cone, topped with a coating of chocolate.

Hubby: I’ll have four choco-tops
Girl speaking through the intercom: That’ll be 2 Ringgit and 50 sen, sir.

We thought she had heard wrongly, because it couldn’t be so cheap, so hubby repeats: FOUR choco-tops

Hubby drives up to the payment counter.
Girl: Sorry sir, it’s 7 Ringgit and 50 sen.

Hubby: I have the Kids Club card, could I have the free fries? (we can get a free small packet of French Fries or a sundae cone with purchases above RM5)
Girl: Sure

Hubby pays, then drives up to the collection counter.

Guy at the counter: Two flies? Small flies?

We were dumbstruck for a while…I thought he asked about pies, surely he can’t be giving us flies!

Me: No, no, we didn’t order any pies.

Guy gives us a puzzled look.

Hubby: I’m supposed to have a packet of fries.

Then we realized that he was asking us whether we wanted large or small FRIES…duh!

This reminds me of my Physics tuition teacher who always mixed up his L’s and R’s when speaking English. As if my Physics marks wasn’t poor enough, he confused me further when teaching the chapter on ‘Reflection & Refraction’!

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