Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shopping for Furniture


Went to Ikea on Friday since hubby was on leave. Most students are also on Hari Raya holidays, except my daughter (so sad!), so it was really crowded as moms brought their children along for shopping.

We wanted to buy a small desk for my hubby to put his laptop since he complains that I am always using our desktop PC to do blogging. He can then blog using his laptop....he has caught the blogging bug as well!

Found a perfect little desk for the laptop. Decided to get rid of my dressing table (since it's quite large and took up a lot of space) and buy 2 small cupboards to store my stuff instead. After collecting our furniture, hubby went to the car to put down the front and back seats to accomodate the cupboards...and discovered that they just couldn't fit!

Had to pay RM65 for delivery charges :(


Since we were already at Ikea, we bought the children a swivel chair each to replace theirs. My son's chair is quite old, but if we replace his then my daughter would want a new chair too (I think she'll grow up championing equal rights for women).

Called up the Seri Sinar charity centre and gave away my dresser, my kids' swivel chairs and an old bed given by my mom-in-law for the guest room (which is now the music room).

Now to wait for the delivery of my new cupboards and desk on's always fun buying new furniture!

Saw this classic car at the basement car park...couldn't resist taking a snapshot of it!

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