Friday, October 3, 2008

Little Furry Visitor

We have a resident squirrel in our neighbourhood because many of my neighbours have fruit trees, usually jambu air trees. A few times I have almost rolled over it while driving as it ran across the road.

This morning the squirrel found its way into our house through our side door but couldn't find the way out. It kept jumping against our glass doors which were closed. Then it started to panic and ran under our sofa before climbing up our bookcase. Hubby grabbed the keys for the glass doors and then handed them to me while the kids hopped onto the other sofa and kept their legs up away from the floor. Sigh...all these city people...should have taken a photo of them all huddled up on the sofa.

"Squirrels are harmless, they are herbivores (I think!)," I told my kids, but they refused to go anywhere near the squirrel. Hubby stayed far away too.

So it's mom to the rescue...opened the glass doors and the squirrel, sensing freedom at last, quickly ran out.

I had actually taken a video of the squirrel jumping up the bookcase but accidentally deleted it...aarrgh! But it looked something like this one...

pic fr

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