Saturday, October 4, 2008

Petrol Rebate


I renewed my car road tax last month and was able to claim the RM625 rebate (for cars below 2000cc) from the post office.

It's quite simple...just 10 easy steps to being RM625 richer:

1) Get form
2) Fill form neatly
3) Bring along MyKad
4) Get a number at the post office, have a sit, and wait
5) When your number is called, go to the counter
6) Flash your nicest smile, produce your MyKad and recite your car number plate
7) Place your thumbprint onto the form, clean ink from thumb with tissue provided
8) Collect RM625 in CASH
9) Say "Thank You", place your money safely into your wallet
10) Leave the post office, go shopping!

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