Monday, October 13, 2008

Fishy Shopping Spree

Hubby was on leave today and he received a call from his office. One of his pet goldfish had turned belly up! So it's back to the pet shop at Ikano Power Centre to buy a new partner for the lonely surviving goldfish.

At the shop we sort of got carried away, and started buying fish for my son's aquarium as well as for our small outdoor pond. We ended up with 1 goldfish, some small fishes and 2 koi!

Saw a shiny gold coloured sofa at I-Living (Ikano Power Centre). Need to wear sunglasses before sitting down!

Since we were at that part of town, we also sent my daughter's electronic dictionary for repair at Damansara Perdana. It has not been functioning and we thought it might be cheaper to get it repaired than to buy a new one which would cost us a few hundred Ringgit.


Parking space is very limited at the Damansara Perdana commercial area. Cars are double-parked everywhere.

Saw some weird-looking decoration by the roadside....reminds me of the boulder chasing Indiana Jones in 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark'


Blue poles randomly sticking out from the road divider. Saw some red ones too...some sort of modern art.

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